when good friends move to hollywood

Step 1: make them a map of cool things to see and do and eat and watch
Step 2: Grab dinner, enjoy conversation and free refills on the strawberry lemonade
 Step 3: Head back to their new place and climb out the fire escape and up the ladder
Step 4: Be envious of the rooftop view then go back inside to pet their cat.

art is for the people

drive by atwater village

fortunate son

That one time I found myself at a rich people party in Hidden Hills and there was a faceless acrobat. Doing tricks in a bubble. In the pool. Because why not, right?

(I see you getting your groove on to that cover band, Jeff Berg.)

snail mail

Take conversation out of a public setting and it becomes an art. Earlier this year I decided that reverting to archaic forms of communication would be more meaningful than pressing a 'like' button. 

Send me your address >> kphillier@gmail.com >> I will send you a letter.

Getting something in the mail is more fun anyway.

Thou canst not then be false to any man.

welcome to thailand

jk, santa clarita is only pretending.
click to enlarge.
not pictured: four friendly goats. too bad, they were kinda cute.
that guy in the middle got splinched. ouch.

the great gig in the sky

I'm pretty sure God should be credited as Chief Lighting Technician on this one.

this year thus far


goodbye summer hiatus

episodic season has begun! 

P.S. Stanley ate a hole through the roof of his habitat and escaped. The little bugger.

scandinavian travel hacking

Did you know Norwegian Airlines is a ridiculously cheap way to get to Europe?
Did you know that if your flight has a layover and you book the two legs separately it might be cheaper?
Did you know that if you change the website from English to Norwegian the price goes down even more?

Bergen to Riga Cheapest:
$86.40 (one ticket)
Leave Bergen 8:45am 
Arrive Riga 3:45pm
(3hr 20min in Copenhagen)
6 hours total

Bergen to Riga Fastest:
$114.00 (one ticket)
Leave Bergen 9:20am
Arrive Riga 1:50pm
(1hr 5min in Oslo)
3 hours 20 minutes total

Bergen to Riga Time/Cost Compromise:
$88.00 (two tickets)
Leave Bergen 8:25am
Arrive Riga 2:05pm
(1hr 50min in Trondheim)
4 hours 40 minutes total

I'm nixing #1 because the other options give us more daylight time in Riga.
#3 does show up as an automatic Trondheim layover when booking Bergen to Riga on one ticket but for some reason that costs more vs booking two flights: Bergen to Trondheim then Trondheim to Riga. But it's the same exact flights.

The credit card fee is 1.99%

Book as one ticket
#2 English website: 114 + 2.27 = 116.27 USD
#2 Norwegian website: 848.00 + 16.88 = 864.88 NOK = 105.32 USD (save $10.95)

Book as two tickets
#3 English website: 62.90 + 1.25 and 25.10 + 0.50 = 88 .00+ 1.75 = 89.75 USD
#3 Norwegian website 499.00 + 9.93 and 199.00 + 3.96= 698 + 13.89 = 711.89 NOK = 86.69 USD (save $3.06)

$105.32 - 89.75 = save $15.57 book #3 in English
$105.32 - 86.69 = save $18.63 book #3 in Norwegian

$18.63 - 15.57 = $3.06 If you book #3 in English you are essentially paying a "Simplicity Tax" for not having to translate Norwegian emails and travel documents :)

And that my friends, is how I learned about travel hacking in an afternoon.


After work today I came home to this creature waiting for me on the doorstep. Meet my new pet caterpillar, Stanley. He's named for Stan Shunpike, conductor of the Knight Bus. Currently listening to the HP audio books in the car.

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