The Letter from Pearl Harbor

We did it!! The Letter from Pearl Harbor is DONE with principal photography! This is a project I was asked to produce back in February and have been working on nonstop ever since... the footage looks incredible. Jacob Schwarz is the director who I've been working with very closely to bring this story to screen. It was written by Katie Golden and the Director of Photography was Paul Meyers. I am so lucky to get to work with such talented people! Jake's wife Kate did an awesome job with production design and wardrobe and our actors were just perfect for their parts. The plan is to have this through post production and completed by the end of the year and then we will start submitting it to festivals. This film is a period piece that takes place right after the attack on Pearl Harbor and is about a nurse named Ruth who is taken in and interrogated about the attack because she had sent a mysterious letter the night before and the government wants to know if and how she was involved. Here's the crazy thing: this is based off of a true story. There really is a Ruth living in a nursing home in Provo who went through this horrific experience when she was a Navy nurse in Hawaii in December 1941. This film is the first thing I have produced and has been hands down one of the hardest things I've ever done... but so so so worth it in the end. :) This film was shot on the Canon 5D Mark ii. You can 'like' The Letter from Pearl Harbor on Facebook here. :)

A Feature and a Horror Film

The last two weeks were spent going to school, working a new job, doing still photography on a feature called "Midway to Heaven", and working a bunch of overnight shoots for a horror film called "An Evening with my Comatose Mother". All that and the film I've been working on producing since February was shot this weekend as well! More on that one later. It's been busy and I haven't had a whole lot of sleep lately but it was great and I wouldn't have it any other way :) Midway to Heaven was directed by Michael Flynn and is a romantic comedy based on the book by Dean Houghs. Tom Morrill was the Line Producer and Raven Alard was the Key PA, two people I adore from the producing world at BYU and it was way awesome working with them on this project. This film was shot on two RedOne MX cameras.

Comatose was directed by Jonathan Martin and the DP was Devin Graham. I worked mostly with the Gaffer, David Thorpe to help light the set. Devin and David were the only ones I knew walking into the project and it was kind of fun getting to know a whole new set of film people outside of the expected Provo crew. This film was shot on the Canon 5D Mark ii and these photos were taken with the Canon T2i.

BYU Student Film Association: See Film Differently

BYU Student Film Association: See Film Differently from Kristen Hillier on Vimeo.
2010-2011 reel of BYU student films.
Presented by the Student Film Association

This reel highlights the several hours of hard work and sleepless nights that went into creating many short films, commercials, music videos, etc. over the past year in order to produce professional quality work.

Edited by Kristen Hillier
Music by Hans Zimmer ("Dream is Collapsing" from Inception)

All content in this reel comes from original BYU short films, used with permission by the students who made them.

Isaac Russell Web Promos

Two weeks ago I spent a couple of days helping with the production of some music web promos for Isaac Russell. I was 2nd AC and handled a whole lot of sparklers. We shot the first day out on the salt flats and it was my first time out there.... very glad I had my camera with me! The second day was at the old children's museum in Salt Lake City which has been abandoned for the past few years. I remember going to that place as a kid and it's kind of sad to see the state that it's in now, but it made for beautiful photography. Isaac is with Columbia Records, we shot on the RedOne with the new MX sensor, the DP was my old cinematography teacher Travis Cline, the producer was Jared Harris, and the director was Julian Acosta. The music promos were shot on the Red and these photos were taken with my Canon T2i and 50mm 1.8II lens.

Shoot Recalled: Fictionist

I can't even begin to count how many Fictionist shows I've taken in over the past two years but last night only reminded me just how great they are. I've been fortunate to capture several shows, these are some of my favorites. A couple shoots ended up on their site and can be found at: > photos > black box 3-3
and > photos > velour 3-6
I have to give a shout out for their first album, Invisible Hand. Not only is it an awesome album... but my roommate Natachia did a stellar job playing chello on it. :)

Shot with a Nikon d40

Nsync Music Video


This was shot by myself and Devin Graham on his 5D Mark II in about five hours on a friday night under an overpass and in a house in Provo this past June. It was sort of just a last minute for fun project. The "band" consists of Jacob Schwarz, David Thorpe, Devin Graham, Jared Shores, and Justin Ahlmann. I was the photographer and Emma Black ran the giant fan. Cameo by cute Baby Thorpe. And yes, there was lipgloss involved.
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