Isaac Russell Web Promos

Two weeks ago I spent a couple of days helping with the production of some music web promos for Isaac Russell. I was 2nd AC and handled a whole lot of sparklers. We shot the first day out on the salt flats and it was my first time out there.... very glad I had my camera with me! The second day was at the old children's museum in Salt Lake City which has been abandoned for the past few years. I remember going to that place as a kid and it's kind of sad to see the state that it's in now, but it made for beautiful photography. Isaac is with Columbia Records, we shot on the RedOne with the new MX sensor, the DP was my old cinematography teacher Travis Cline, the producer was Jared Harris, and the director was Julian Acosta. The music promos were shot on the Red and these photos were taken with my Canon T2i and 50mm 1.8II lens.


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