A Feature and a Horror Film

The last two weeks were spent going to school, working a new job, doing still photography on a feature called "Midway to Heaven", and working a bunch of overnight shoots for a horror film called "An Evening with my Comatose Mother". All that and the film I've been working on producing since February was shot this weekend as well! More on that one later. It's been busy and I haven't had a whole lot of sleep lately but it was great and I wouldn't have it any other way :) Midway to Heaven was directed by Michael Flynn and is a romantic comedy based on the book by Dean Houghs. Tom Morrill was the Line Producer and Raven Alard was the Key PA, two people I adore from the producing world at BYU and it was way awesome working with them on this project. This film was shot on two RedOne MX cameras.

Comatose was directed by Jonathan Martin and the DP was Devin Graham. I worked mostly with the Gaffer, David Thorpe to help light the set. Devin and David were the only ones I knew walking into the project and it was kind of fun getting to know a whole new set of film people outside of the expected Provo crew. This film was shot on the Canon 5D Mark ii and these photos were taken with the Canon T2i.


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