The Letter from Pearl Harbor

We did it!! The Letter from Pearl Harbor is DONE with principal photography! This is a project I was asked to produce back in February and have been working on nonstop ever since... the footage looks incredible. Jacob Schwarz is the director who I've been working with very closely to bring this story to screen. It was written by Katie Golden and the Director of Photography was Paul Meyers. I am so lucky to get to work with such talented people! Jake's wife Kate did an awesome job with production design and wardrobe and our actors were just perfect for their parts. The plan is to have this through post production and completed by the end of the year and then we will start submitting it to festivals. This film is a period piece that takes place right after the attack on Pearl Harbor and is about a nurse named Ruth who is taken in and interrogated about the attack because she had sent a mysterious letter the night before and the government wants to know if and how she was involved. Here's the crazy thing: this is based off of a true story. There really is a Ruth living in a nursing home in Provo who went through this horrific experience when she was a Navy nurse in Hawaii in December 1941. This film is the first thing I have produced and has been hands down one of the hardest things I've ever done... but so so so worth it in the end. :) This film was shot on the Canon 5D Mark ii. You can 'like' The Letter from Pearl Harbor on Facebook here. :)


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