Slowing Down

Another rendition of the bike video. I miss summer! :)

mon héros deux

'My Hero' has wrapped! One capstone down, two to go. :) Alivia (actress in pink/purple) also had a pretty terrifying role in 'An Evening with my Comatose Mother', the horror film I did last month. So scary that pictures of her character haven't been allowed online yet. Luckily there was nothing scary about this latest film, all the kids did great!

Young Spice

Here is a "New Spice" commercial where I did some hat and hair pulling/ AC work/sharpie chest writing this summer. It took 18 takes to get this one-shot done correctly. James Alexander was the director and Scott Winn was the DP.

Shot on a Canon EOS 5D Mark ii.

My Hero Production Stills

I'm currently doing production stills for a BYU Capstone film, "My Hero" directed by Brandon Ho. Nothing quite like working with 25+ kids.... glad my responsibilities were all camera related and not child-wrangling haha. Interesting thing about this script: it's 8 pages there is no dialogue. Which makes for a whole lot of shots but they go by very fast when the only audio being recorded is reference sound.

The film was shot with the Red and the photos were taken with a Canon T2i.

Some stills from the first weekend of shooting:

The DP on this shoot is Micah Brown, here we during a rare moment of seriousness looking all sorts of official :)

Orabrush + Wheezy Waiter: Guns and a Tongue

I spent last week helping to produce a new commercial for Orabrush (look them up at and during production this past Saturday shot a bunch of behind the scenes photos and video. Orabrush brought in youtube celeb Wheezy Waiter to be an accomplice to Morgan the Tongue. Such a fun shoot! We filmed at one of the same locations that Paranormals filmed at back in August so it was nice driving to location without getting lost once :) After we wrapped the whole crew went out for sushi, yum!

The commercial was shot with a Canon 5D Mark ii and the photos were taken with a Canon T2i.

419/Senior Capstone film season at BYU begins this weekend... meaning I am on film sets all day every Friday-Saturday between now and November 20 and I just love that, it's going to be great!

P.S. The Bike video has almost 400,000 hits and it's only been up for 8 days! I lovelovelovelove that! :)

Cool Cool Summer

Here it is in all it's glory, the music video I mentioned working on before. My favorite part is the soundbite at the end haha.

Cameras used to make this:
Canon 5D Mark ii
Canon T2i
Canon 7D
Sony EX1
GoPro Hero
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