Orabrush + Wheezy Waiter: Guns and a Tongue

I spent last week helping to produce a new commercial for Orabrush (look them up at youtube.com/orabrush) and during production this past Saturday shot a bunch of behind the scenes photos and video. Orabrush brought in youtube celeb Wheezy Waiter to be an accomplice to Morgan the Tongue. Such a fun shoot! We filmed at one of the same locations that Paranormals filmed at back in August so it was nice driving to location without getting lost once :) After we wrapped the whole crew went out for sushi, yum!

The commercial was shot with a Canon 5D Mark ii and the photos were taken with a Canon T2i.

419/Senior Capstone film season at BYU begins this weekend... meaning I am on film sets all day every Friday-Saturday between now and November 20 and I just love that, it's going to be great!

P.S. The Bike video has almost 400,000 hits and it's only been up for 8 days! I lovelovelovelove that! :)


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