I've been off the blogging map for a while due to holidays, finals, more holidays, and of course some movie making. I'm currently working on a feature called "Boy with Blue". It's 108 pages long and we are shooting the entire thing in 2 days. Yes, you read that right, 2. More about that one later though. The feature "Midway to Heaven" just came out with a trailer! This was filmed in September and I was the Still Photographer. I showed up to set and was handed a Canon 5D Mark II and a bunch of super nice/crazy expensive L-Series lenses and fell so in love with them haha. Good times. This was directed by Michael Flynn. "Cricketless" is a senior capstone short film that was shot over three weekends in February and March and it premiered this month. This is the super rad camera crew :) I was the 2nd AC for this film. Devin Graham was the DP, Joel Ackerman was the Writer/Director and Raven Alard was the Producer. And here's the trailer: "Bread to Kill" (formerly known as "Against the Grain") is a hilarious short about Grandmas that fight to the death (literally) to get their bread in grocery stores. This was filmed in November 2009 but I was reminded of it today because while at rehearsals for "Boy With Blue" our location was the same place as where the ax murder scene was shot for this short. It was also a senior capstone film and more info can be found at I was the Script Supervisor, it was directed by Phil Goodwin, Jack Taggart was the Producer and Devin Graham was the DP.
And while I'm on a capstone kick, here's a trailer for "Man of the Cloth" which was the first BYU student film I worked on. This was shot in April 2009. I showed up to PA but was quickly trained as the Script Supervisor. Bryce Gandy directed, Byron Kirkland was the DP. Last one, "The Third" which is an adaptation of the book Enders Game was filmed in December 2009, as well as January and February 2010. This was such a cool experience to be a part of. We shot mostly in a large soundstage with a huge set and lots of green screen, and some other sweet locations such as underground swimming pools. I was 2nd AC on this project. This was directed by Jacob Schwarz, Produced by Katie Crapo... as she was known then, now Schwarz ;) and Devin Graham was the DP. Here is the trailer and a fun behind the scenes video which features the crew for this film and many of them are people I've worked with on multiple projects mentioned above. I am so lucky to work with such awesome people. :) The best part is that ALL of these movies were shot on the Red (and sometimes with two Reds). True love. :)
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