Boy With Blue

Towards the end of December/beginning of January I worked on a feature. A feature that was (after revisions) 105 pages long. Production on this film was a grand total of TWO DAYS. Actually, the first day we spent about 12 hours shooting and the second about 11. So really, this film was made in 23 hours. This feature was technically made in less than a day....... So cool. :) It sounds impossible, but it turns out it's totally doable if you have 2 cameras, 11 minute long takes, incredible actors with a background in theater, and a crazy/ambitious director like David Thorpe.
For this production I was script supervisor for camera A and these are some photos I snapped mostly just for continuity/fun then made a little more exciting via duotone.
Let it be known that while you might look at my imdb page and assume I was going into script supervising as a career, this is NOT the case. I started doing it as a favor, then kept doing it for favors, then did this one last shoot as a favor. However, unless someone decides to pay me an obscene amount of money I'm pretty much done script supervising. :) The bulk of my experience, not to mention preference, is in all things camera related. :) This shoot was particularly awesome because I've worked with almost the entire cast/crew before on various shoots. David Stevens was our lead actor, who also played the role of Jean Baptiste in For Robbing the Dead, the feature that Derek Pueblo shot and he was a DP for A camera on this shoot along with Scott Winn who was the DP for B cam on this shoot and the DP on the Young Spice ad and 1st AC on Cricketless, Emma Black was the script supervisor for B camera who is also my roommate and she script supervised The Letter from Pearl Harbor (and she actually wants to go into script supervising... so call her! haha), and David Thorpe was the director who was also a part of For Robbing the DeadWheezy Waiter/OrabrushAn Evening with my Comatose Mother, and don't forget the NSYNC music video, and Ben Isaacs was a werewolf in Karl Driscoll. How's that for a run on sentence? Film productions based out of Provo are just great like that. :)
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