Bike video surpasses a million hits!

The Bike video I did with Devin Graham, Jace LeRoy, and Josh Contor reached a million hits yesterday! :D It was also posted on Entertainment Weekly's website and as of right now it's sitting at 1,022,330 views. This is especially cool because the video reached 700,000 hits within the first two weeks of being online but then totally tapered off for the next few months. Devin has been consistently putting out some awesome videos (go watch and subscribe if you haven't already) which have also been going viral and he wrote a really interesting blog post about the statistics of how when one video gets attention all the other videos on the same channel benefit from it as well and it's exactly this reason why we are finally reaching a million now.

In case you haven't seen it.... click below. As Devin would say, make it full screen, turn the volume up, and watch it in HD! :)


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