Untitled/Le Cinema

This is the story (without a title) about a girl who's hair has a mind of it's own. It swipes bagels off her plate, houses birds, and throws her classmates' projects off the roof of a very tall building. Among other strange things. In other words, this is a really creative BYU Capstone film directed by Chloe Huber, and shot by Paul Meyers. I was the 1st AC and about pulled my own hair out with some of the focus pulls thrown my way. But it all worked out and looks pretty sweet. :) The best part though, was the privilege of bossing the 2nd AC Gary around for two weekends, who normally gets to boss me around every day at work haha. :) The worst part was when the beloved RedOne decided to up and die on our last day of shooting. Thanks a lot Red, thanks. One firmware update later and we were (for the most part) up and running again. I can't wait for the Epic... is it April yet?? Anyways, photos below. Canon T2i, 28-135mm, the usual :) P.S. There's an article about BYU Film in the January 2011 issue of ICG Magazine... rad!


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