VidCon with Orabrush

One of the bigger projects I worked on this summer was producing three YouTube spots for Orabrush and attending VidCon with them. VidCon is basically a convention for YouTubers. So much fun, I can't even begin to describe. :) However I do wish that I had my own clone: one to attend all the presentations and classes at VidCon (which I didn't really get to do) and one to take the time to produce the videos (which I actually did). From what I was exposed to at VidCon, I left all sorts of inspired to make my own YouTube channel! I know a handful of people that are doing very well because of it but I'm also very aware of just how much time these people put into their channels. I don't like to put things off to the unknown future, but realistically, maybe when I'll start one when I'm done with college (in April!)

The three spots for Orabrush are as follows:

First we did a spoof on Forrest Gump running across the country, where in this case Morgan the Tongue and the Orabrush Guy run from the Orabrush offices in Utah to Hollywood, and their hair/beards grow (or don't grow) according to the progress of their run. Here's a random fun fact (and coincidence): Kaitlin Snow, Orabrush's editor, went down to L.A. as well and she and I were in our very first film class together - a class that I now teach haha - where a final project was to make a sweded (Be Kind Rewind style) film of Forrest Gump. Apparently we have now come full circle. :)

The second was a video we shot was at Venice Beach and is of the Tongue and the Orabrush Guy at the having a conversation about what they like in women. Typical Morgan. Joel Ackerman (who also went to film school with Kaitlin and I and directed Cricketless) now lives in L.A. and met up with us to direct this spot.

The third spot was shot in Beverly Hills where Morgan goes to VidCon and thinks the whole convention was put on for him.

For these videos Kaitlin and I shot on a Canon 5D Mark II, a Canon T2i, and a Canon 60D. Tyler Stevens did sound (and jumped on camera for a few things) and Daniel and Jeffrey Harmon acted as our executive producers.

Running to to race for the cure for bad breath... and our 15 passenger van
Double Rainbow All the Way guy was at VidCon!
We had to transport 2 1/2 tongues almost all the time and the easiest way to carry it is to wear it.
Kaitlin setting up workflow in our hotel room. I think one was for copying footage, one was for compressing, the other was for editing.
Shooting in the Mohave dessert. 
I thought people might like getting squish toy tongues on their vehicles instead of some random flyer.
Shay Carl (of shaytards) was also at VidCon
K. Snow editing on the go
The whole team! :)


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