The Letter from Pearl Harbor - at last!! :)

Two years ago I was working on the camera crew for "The Third", a short adaptation of the book Ender's Game. I was ACing for the DP, Devin Graham, and it's through him I met his friend/business partner Jacob Schwarz, the director of that project. After wrapping up that film, I got this little surprise in my Facebook message inbox.
And the rest was history! Haha just kidding :) I remember going over to Jake and Devin's apartment that first night and feeling so inadequate to produce a film but I thought it wouldn't hurt to sit down and talk about it. Jake gave me the script, something he'd been working on with the screenwriter, Katie Golden, and showed me some director's mood boards and I immediately fell in love with the project. I started  meeting with Jake weekly and got to work on the film.

I still think that it was my favorite short film production experience to date, and not because I'd worked so hard on this film, but because I realized then that to make a good quality project you don't have to take three weeks to shoot a short and risk the crew getting burnt out, which often happens in many student productions. I learned that if you can just be lucky enough to assemble the right crew, people who are good natured, talented, and responsible, you can have efficient shooting days. The result for us was a beautiful ten minute short that was shot in a day and a half.

This film was produced completely independently using resources from the company Jake and Devin started, Mystery Box, on a budget of $1,500. Not bad, eh? :) If you have any questions you can reach me at

Enjoy the movie (in HD and full screen of course!)  :)


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