The Dirty Dash

The Dirty Dash is a race (a 5k? I think...) but it's unlike your usual beat em to the finish line race because it's an obstacle course and you run in the MUD. Last summer I helped Devin Graham shoot this for his youtube channel "devinsupertramp" and it was so much fun! People would go all out and dress up in costumes and it was more about taking your time and indulging in the messiness of it all rather than race to the finish line. Every once in a while I'll still find a tiny spec of mud here or there on different pieces of my camera equipment. :)

JayBird Headphones

This one time, Jake from Mystery Box calls me up and is like "Heyyy... want to help me produce a commercial?" And it was the end of summer and I had lots of free time before school started so I said OK! The next thing I know I'm scouting locations in downtown Salt Lake City and making a bajillion phone calls to different government services and film commissions and going around to a couple dozen businesses to give them filming notices all so I could get the permit we needed to shoot. Let's just say this: it's one thing to get a basic location permit from the city. It's a whole other ball game when you want to get a permit to shoot near government buildings where your script calls for fake cops, fake police cars, a fake arrest, and a (not so fake) nearly naked man running down the street all day long. :) Yup, you guessed it, the producing side of film is SUPER glamorous. :) Here's how the commercial turned out:

Mr. Bellpond

Here's the trailer and some stills from a short film "Mr. Bellpond" that I worked on last year. It was directed by A. Todd Smith and the cinematographer was Scott Winn. I was the 1st Assistant Camera which is the person that keeps the image in focus. The last shot in the trailer (well, the beginning of the shot is in the trailer) was my favorite to pull focus on, why? Because we were using a crane/jib thing that had a special monitor with "crispening" where the edges and lines of the image would light up so when they were in focus. Made my job a LOT easier ha. Nerd alert. :) Most of this was shot in Ogden UT just off of Historic 25th street. There's going to be a screening this weekend and I can't wait to see how it all turned out! Click the stills to make them bigger and notice the incredible attention to detail the production design team put into the sets.
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