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This one time, Jake from Mystery Box calls me up and is like "Heyyy... want to help me produce a commercial?" And it was the end of summer and I had lots of free time before school started so I said OK! The next thing I know I'm scouting locations in downtown Salt Lake City and making a bajillion phone calls to different government services and film commissions and going around to a couple dozen businesses to give them filming notices all so I could get the permit we needed to shoot. Let's just say this: it's one thing to get a basic location permit from the city. It's a whole other ball game when you want to get a permit to shoot near government buildings where your script calls for fake cops, fake police cars, a fake arrest, and a (not so fake) nearly naked man running down the street all day long. :) Yup, you guessed it, the producing side of film is SUPER glamorous. :) Here's how the commercial turned out:


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