Austra played the Twilight Concert Series on August 9th this year. Here are a few snaps.

The Lone Ranger

It's not every day that you get the chance to work on a film starring Johnny Depp and a Winklevoss twin. Back in July I got a phone call around 7:00pm alerting me to the work opportunity, 8:00pm I was confirmed crew, 2:00am I hopped in the car with a couple other film friends who were also working and we made the trek to Moab to make it in time for our 6:30am call time and by 5:30pm we were wrapped and eating delicious chocolate covered strawberries back at base camp after a very hot day. Confidentiality agreements prevent me from telling what exactly went on that day, but I will say that it was a very cool opportunity and well worth the drive and lack of sleep. I predict that this film will make cowboy movies very popular, much like how Mr. Bruckheimer made pirate films super trendy a few years back with a little flick called Pirates of the Carribean. Here's the one press photo from The Lone Ranger so far. Rumor on the street has it the release date is July 3, 2013.

David & Celine Engagements

I jumped at the chance to shoot engagements for David and Celine and we went to a pretty little meadow up South Fork Canyon in Utah on a perfectly overcast day (clouds = awesome natural light diffusion). 
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