Last year I took on a personal project of digitizing my grandparent's 8mm home movies. Ever since I finished, I've been meaning to edit the footage together into a series of vignettes and with the post-Christmas downtime I was able to cut one together tonight.

31 Cities in 31 Days


In 2010 I bought my first Canon DSLR, the 550D/T2i. Prior to that I had been shooting Nikon and so to get familiar with the Canon system I gave myself a goal of shooting 31 different cities sometime during the 31 days that were in the month of July. I took three snapshots of each city and I tried to keep the content and perspective focused on things that we usually find right under our nose, but don't always stop to look at. During that month I was able to cover cities in Utah, Michigan, South Dakota, Colorado, Nevada, and California. I guess you can say I'm a bit of an exploration junkie. Some of the cities (or really really really small towns - I used the term "city" very loosely) I went to by myself, as little day trips. The whole Colorado section was a road trip I took with my friend Emma for the sole purpose of the project. I had never really explored Colorado before, and living in Utah it seemed like as good a time as any to cross the Eastern border. I documented the process at 31in31.tumblr.com and included a song to what I was currently listening to at the end of each post. That playlist can be found on Spotify here.

RIGHT after I finished the project, my hard drive died. Crashed. RIP. Pictures gone forever. At first I was heartbroken, but then I realized that since I had blogged everything, I still had the images that alluded to the memories (albiet in low-tumblr-resolution). That was about the time that I started this blog (and backing up to multiple drives), as a more permanent place to document the visuals that matter most to me.

Here are those images, in chronological order:

1/31 Salt Lake City, UT

2/31 Ogden, UT

3/31 Detroit, MI

4/31 Sioux Falls, SD

5/31 Roy, UT

6/31 Santaquin, UT

7/31 Nephi, UT

8/31 Mona, UT

9/31 Heber, UT

10/31 Park City, UT

11/31 Thistle, UT

11/31 Mill Fork, UT

13/31 Helper, UT

14/31 Grand Junction, CO

15/31 Delta, CO

16/31 Olathe, CO

17/31 Montrose, CO

18/31 Ouray, CO

19/31 Bedrock, CO

20/31 Moab, UT

21/31 St. George, UT

22/31 Las Vegas, NV

23/31 Calico, CA

24/31 La Jolla, CA

25/31 Julian, CA

26/31 Camp Pendleton, CA

27/31 Oceanside, CA

28/31 Spanish Fork, UT

29/31 Farmington, UT

30/31 Highland, UT

31/31 Layton, UT

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