Altered Route: Rockahoola

Rockahoola is an abandoned waterpark in the middle of the Mojave Desert and you can see some of the remains driving past on I-15. I've made the drive from Utah to Southern California more than a few times and for years I've wanted to stop and explore but I've always had bad timing and gone past either in a hurry and couldn't stop, or it was dark. A couple weeks ago I barely made it in time as the sun was setting. This place is unreal and kind of spooky. Next time (when I'm not alone and the sun isn't going down at a rapid pace) I plan to explore it more in depth. It's definitely a location I  will keep in the back of my mind for future film/photo projects.
Taken with the Canon 6D and Canon 28-135mm Lens

Brett Novak and Kilian Martin made a really cool short skate film at this location a while back, check it out below to get a better idea of what Rockahoola is all about.
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