bucket list

Everyone has a bucket list. These are specific things I want to do at some point in my life.

  • Go to Skagen where the Baltic Sea and the North Sea meet in the middle but never lose themselves in each other 11.22.15 Solo Denmark Trip
  • See the northern lights
  • Live somewhere in Europe for at least a year. 
  • Visit Chichen Itza 
  • Pet a bison
  • Visit Tahrir Square and go inside the Great Pyramid of Giza
  • Have a vegetable garden
  • Speak French conversationally
  • Go to an NBA game. Jazz or Lakers if you please :) 2.11.17 Thanks Hunter
  • Have a key role in making a feature or series with a story that I feel strongly about
  • Go to all 50 states and 7 territories under U.S. jurisdiction
    • So far I have 24 states and 1 territory
  • Learn to make a really amazing curry dish
  • Create music as a side project
  • Road trip around Iceland
  • Make my future kids mow the lawn (the ultimate karma)
  • Take direction from my short list of directors. Ask me about this and I will talk your ear off.
  • Read all of the books on my never ending read list
  • Learn to surf
  • See a show at the Magic Castle
  • Buy the Lake Street property in Ogden and get it back in the family
  • Earn a million dollar paycheck
  • Live in Hawaii
  • Drive from the Pacific to the Atlantic
    • I just need to connect Ozark, Illinois to Raleigh, North Carolina
  • Go on tour with a band
  • Walk on the Great Wall of China
  • Take tennis lessons
  • Visit the Holy Land and put a face to the name for Biblical stories
  • Live in a very small town where everyone knows everyone
  • Learn what it means to be proficient with my hands


Carrie and Tyson at: June 21, 2015 at 12:04 AM said...

I will take tennis lessons with you. I drove past Grandma West's Lake St. house yesterday with the same dream as you, wishing I could buy it back. Way to write down your Bucket List, btw!

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