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Every time I go to Utah I end up in full time aunt mode, only this time I got a head start when Ammon came to visit last week. Naturally we had to visit the minions, get soaked on the Jurassic Park ride and load up on cotton candy at Universal Studios. 
On Thursday I drove to Utah with Michelle and the kids and it took a lot longer than when I normally drive haha. This was my view for most of the trip, awkwardly stretched backwards from the front seat to pass out snacks, toys, read books, keep them generally entertained, etc. I felt like a pretzel at the end of the drive. Not pictured: 6 month old Sage in a carseat facing the other direction on the left. 
Just out side of Victorville a truck was towing this car and it came loose, barreled across 3 lanes of traffic, hit the median, and ricocheted right at us. Michelle slammed on the breaks so hard you could smell the rubber burning and in my mind I saw it happen in complete slow motion and I just thought "stop stop stop STOP" and miraculously, it did. The picture was from after we had backed up a bit, but when it came to a stop it was literally just a few inches from us. This is the third time I've had near misses with car wrecks where they other cars got smashed and I walked away without a scratch. The kids in the backseat had wide eyes for the next hour or so. And somehow Sage slept through the whole thing.
Sunday I drove in to Ogden and had a nice visit with my grandma. She has been around the world and we looked through her photo albums of her travels to Scandinavia. I am heading to Norway, Latvia, Estonia, Sweden and Denmark for 16 days in November. She found these notes my grandpa wrote from one of their tours in 1989. The notes read:
"Visited quaint town 'Mariefred'. Toured Gripsholm Castle (excellent), quint Swedish little town, stopped at 'Orebro' Loraine's grandparents lived here. Took pictures from unique mushroom water tower, beautiful clean town. Loraine might have been a 'resident here'. She was thrilled 'ecstatically'. Drove thru beautiful forests 'like Yellowstone' all thru Sweden. Staying at 'Karlstad' - excellent hotel, smaller Swedish town. Swell 'salmon dinner', walked around town.
Changed money at Norway border. From pink trees (like Yellowstone Park) to tall mtns. Passed many lakes, stopped at Lillehammer (1994 Olympic site). Rain. Walked to cemetery & church. Quaint 'European' town."
Today the cars needed washed, so naturally I practiced the art of delegation and supervised while Tyler and Lydia had fun soaking each other just as much as the car. :)
These last two pictures are everything summer should be. Bugs, bare feet, water fights... but if it wasn't approaching 100 degrees I would totally be ok with that too!
I head back to LA in a week and I have great plans to tackle before then: take the boys fishing and to visit the bison on Antelope Island, hike in the Albion Basin and maybe Adam's Canyon, and of course light a firework or two.


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