goodbye summer hiatus

episodic season has begun! 

Back when coonskin hats were all the rage.

mount serendipity

Hayley and I wanted to go hiking before I left Utah. We were headed to Albion Basin but we were so busy catching up while driving up the canyon that we didn't notice we had gone up the wrong one until we got to the top and saw Brighton. Big Cottonwood Canyon, Little Cottonwood Canyon - it's all the same right? Nope. Rookie mistake, especially considering how many times I've driven to Brighton to ski. No matter though, a mountain is a mountain and we just wanted to be in nature so we adjusted and found a trail to hike up where we were.

We circled around Silver Lake then saw a sign that said Twin Lakes was only one mile away. And 700 ft. elevation gain in that one mile. Great workout to say the least. :) The wildflowers were in full bloom, we saw a deer, three chipmunks, and a fish. Quest for nature: success. This wasn't Albion Basin by any means, but it was a fortunate accident.

Now if only I could convince my LA friends to start liking outdoorsy things...
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