Oceanside Update

I made the trek down to Oceanside this past weekend so Michelle could work all day Friday at the hospital. Justin was in Hawaii on a work trip - lucky. Levi just started preschool and this means I was tasked with getting all three kids ages 4, 2 & 8 months out the door by 7:30 to get him to school on time. Parents of the world: I admire your juggling skills. Also, your wake up early in the morning skills.
Before the bell rings kids at the elementary run laps around the playground. Levi ran four because he is four... and then one more for good measure. He was so proud and ended each one with a big leap at the end :)
Smiley Sage. No teeth yet, but probably any day now! We thought she was going to get some teeth last time I was in Utah. She is the sweetest baby and let me rock her to sleep at nap time (which neither boy did at her age.) Pretty sure the hair bow is compliments of Aunt Carrie.
Asher is way too big for Sage's bouncy seat but likes to crawl in anyway to get our attention. Classic middle child syndrome? Asher is very much 2 years old and can throw a decent fit when he feels like it, but it's hard to get mad when his verbal insults consist of "I'm not going to take a nap, I'm going to huff and puff and blow your house down!!" He also has excellent (happy) sound bites throughout the day such as this comment he made after taking Levi to school: "I have a great idea. Let's all turn into Cheetos today. But maybe lick the orange part off cause it's messy."
Justin got home Saturday afternoon and first order of business was sewing the arms back on Levi's bear pillow that he loves so much.  
We took the kids to the park by the lake at Camp Pendleton and had dinner and then it was all about the swings! As a kid did you ever have a goal to swing over the top? Asher nearly did and he loved it... Michelle was responsible :)


Carrie and Tyson at: September 20, 2015 at 10:50 PM said...

Hahaha, Asher's cracking me up! And yes, I also admire parent's wake up early skills. Wish I had some.

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