I found the Berlin Wall in LA

As the title suggests, I found the portion of the Berlin Wall that has made it's home in LA. I'd heard about it, but driving along Wilshire today all of a sudden: there it was. I miraculously found FREE street parking nearby and walked over to go check it out. (And yes I read every stupid parking sign within a 100 mile radius to make sure I could actually leave my vehicle there... but the story about learning that lesson in that part of town is for another day...) Anyway. The entire wall is authentic, but last four sections from green bear to the end have original art work from West Berlin dating from the Cold War. The signs posted said that the artist who did the rest on the west side painted those more recently but he was invited to do it because he was one of the first people to create a mural on the wall in the 80's. 

This side faced East Berlin and was therefore blank. Other artists were invited to paint it for this display and I think perhaps it's supposed to show what the people who built the wall thought of the USA. There's Captain America, but he's a skeleton and the cityscape behind him is made up of signs for corporate fast food chains. Interpret that how you will. 

What struck me was how TALL it was. I knew it must be tall so people couldn't easily get over it, but I had to crane my neck all the way back to look at the top. It is so BIZARRE to me that this wall was still enforcing borders when I was born. Weird to think I lived during the Cold War - even if it was only for one year, but it still seems so long ago. 

Now I just need to go to Berlin and see the rest of the wall and the hole that this section belongs to. Good thing I already have a train ticket there dated November of this year. ;)

P.S. I just experienced two whole entire days of overcast skies and it was kinda chilly enough that I wore a (super light, but still) sweater today. My last post was like a rain dance, minus that actual rain.  Back to 94 and sunny soon, but I can hold out for two more weeks! I hope. 


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