In case you were wondering:

Circumstances change. 
Priorities change.
Goals change. 
People change.
I've changed.
I do not have any current plans to return to LA.
This still surprises me, but it's true.
I guess I was more burned out than I realized.
I really miss the environment of being on set.
I do not miss wondering when the next job would come.
I learned to like winter except driving in it.
I'd rather slow down.
I'd rather put down roots.
I'd rather have the peace of mind that comes from predictable stability.
But I still wish I had a campervan to roam around in.
I loved the kids but holy moly do elementary teachers have it rotten. It's not just the money.
I took a risk and started a business.
Clocking in and out is not important to me.
Being flexible with my time is important to me.
Being creative with my work is important to me.
Being there for my family is important to me.
I am what you would call an extroverted introvert.
I'm not shy and I like being social but it zaps the energy out of me.
I can take charge if I need to.
Otherwise, I'm content to lend support.
I do not need or want all eyes on me.
My social media reflects this I suppose. 
I struggle to post anything too personal but my work account is very public out of necessity.
Does this mean I compartmentalize?
Is that a good or a bad thing?
I'm ok with quiet.
I think it's good to just sit and think once in a while.
Action has consequence but so does inaction.
I fell in love once. 
And for me, it was very real.
It was unexpected and happened very fast and the timing did not make sense.
I was in the middle of some big life changes.
Not exactly easy to proceed with a clear mind.
Not exactly easy to present a clear vision of "this is who I am."
I went forward with faith and an open heart and hoped for the best.
In the end I experienced incomprehensible heartbreak.
They say that's just life, but wow is it really a necessary part of the human experience?
I am not comfortable knowing that loving a person gives them the power to break you.
It's not fair that it doesn't matter how much strength and independence existed before.
Yet I could never bring myself to be angry. 
And that's how I know that it was real.
I ran away to Europe for a while, it helped until it didn't.
When I was a kid I wanted to be a lawyer and thankfully that didn't pan out.
I believe in second chances, mercy, forgiveness and allowing time to grow and settle.
I have a hard time with black & white justice. Motive and actions are gray.
I observe more than I let on, and I usually remember.
It's too easy for me to see twelve sides to every situation.
But when I have an opinion, I have an opinion.
I think Edward Snowdon should be allowed home.
I appreciate Kanye's talent but what a jerk.
I might actually understand Shia LaBeouf's interpretation of performance art.
Pretty sure Josh Radnor is the wisest man that I do not know. 
I am not a fan of singles wards post-college. 
I do not have a lot of  respect for our current political situation.
I'm not a Democrat, but I'm definitely not a Republican. 
I'm not 5'7" and I'm not 5'8". I'm 5'7.5" but that's never an option and I always feel like I'm lying.
I don't like being cold but I do because I can dress in layers. It's more cozy.
I wish I had more outdoorsy friends because everyone else is indoorsy.
I had a traumatizing Microsoft experience so no thanks, never again, I'd rather go analog.
I prefer to write in cursive with a Zebra pen.
My bucket list has drastically changed, I should update that. 
I don't like eating right after waking up. I'm more brunch than breakfast.
I am more organized than not.
But making the bed is the worst grown-up chore.
I want to read everything and there is never enough time.
I try really hard to keep my gmail inbox zero. Do it, archive, next.
I moved out when I was 18 and didn't look back for 10 years.
I moved home at 28 because I missed having a real home.
Turns out that move saved a life.
Turns out that move prolonged a marriage.
Turns out that move gave me the financial freedom to start my business.
Turns out that move allowed me to help out in a couple medical situations.
Turns out I have no freakin care in the world about keeping up millennial appearances.
Turns out that move gave me a fenced in backyard.
I think MoviePass was made for me, but then I got a dog.
I've wanted a dog I could hike and run with for ages and now with said yard...
I found a cow-dog that needed a home on KSL but someone else got to it first. 
Google told me people who like German Shorthaired Pointers also consider Vizslas.
A Norwegian dog named Tikken sealed the deal.
Three months later I named my puppy Piper after a kid in my Dad's nursery class. 
She sleeps on my bed. Probably shouldn't, but those snuggles.
I don't know what's next and I'm ok with that. 
For once, I'm happy building up what I have now instead of overreaching for the future.
Is that what they mean by being present?
By the way, 
In case you were wondering,
I can see who has been looking at this blog that I never write in. 
Yes, even you.
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