Updated: Bucket List


I recently learned how to roller skate. Which wasn't on my bucket list, but it should have been. The last one I wrote was almost 4 years ago. Time for an update.
  • Build a business that will allow me to prioritize family, travel and never worry about finances
  • See the northern lights
  • Spend a day on Catalina Island
  • Live somewhere international
  • Visit Chichen Itza 
  • Go sailing
  • Speak French conversationally
  • Drive the Pacific Coast Highway from Port Angeles, WA to San Diego, CA
  • Go to all 50 states
  • Walk on the black beaches in Iceland
  • Make my future kids mow the lawn (the ultimate karma)
  • Read all of the books on my never ending read list
  • Go surfing
  • See a show at the Magic Castle
  • Present one of those giant checks to someone
  • Break my Hawaiian curse
  • Walk on the Great Wall of China
  • Visit the Holy Land
  • Live in a very small town where everyone knows everyone
  • Visit J&M in Italy while they live there
  • See a Broadway show in NYC
  • Run a full marathon without getting bored
  • Be brave enough to skydive
  • Go skinny dipping
  • Own a home with a yard
  • Get Piper fully trained off-leash
  • Renovate an old cabin
  • See the Grand Canyon Done! 5.26.19
  • Blog all of my travels
  • Get comfortable with studio photography


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