The Grand Canyon

I talked my self into and out of this road trip so many times I lost count. But I finally did it! I went to the Grand Canyon.

The majority of January-May was spent in San Diego and it felt sooo good to be back to "living" back in southern California. That's home to me. However I was kind of one foot there and one foot still in Utah for a handful of reasons and I ended up driving back and forth about every 2 weeks. I could do that 700 mile drive on I-15 with my eyes closed at this point. It made the most sense to take a detour and hit up the South Rim of the Grand Canyon on one of these drives but I kept putting it off ("I'll do it next time, I just wanna get to my destination ASAP this time...") but my deadline of having to say goodbye to my second home in Oceanside finally approached and it was on my last drive back to Utah that I finally made it happen. 

That drive. is so. long. It didn't look that far out of the way on the map but yeah... it is. Piper kept me company and made friends with everyone we met. I'm glad I did it and it was definitely bucket list worthy. 

In a nutshell: it was pretty grand. 

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