On the Bright Side of 2020...


 I feel a little guilty saying it... but 2020 was actually a pretty great year for me!

•I started the year by getting my own place just a walk away from the mountains
•And wow did I spend time in the mountains. This was the year of hikes by far
•My business boomed to the point I had to hire help or scale back. I chose to scale back because...
•I decided to go back to school (!) I got my BLS and CNA certifications over the summer and ultimately decided on the Physician Assistant route (!!) Grad School here I come (eventually, ha) I started on some sciencey pre-reqs at Weber State and not only did I pass Chemistry, I earned a solid A (!!!) I think o-chem is kinda fun
•I swam. A lot. This is the one thing that truly keeps me in a good routine and feeling grounded
•Reunited with some old friends I hadn’t seen in ages
•Brought some pretty great new people into my life
•Successfully avoided covid! Knock on wood...
•Got cuddles and laughs from my pup on a daily basis
•And of course we can’t forget that the Dodgers won the World Series for the first time since the year I was born
Happy New Year!


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